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300k starting lmao

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>be me getting take out at the Chinese Buffet (BBQ pork rib, buttered shrimp and cream cheese wontons and a root beer)
>Chinese woman who runs the place asks "you want fork?"
>I say "no, this is finger food"
>She laughs hysterically

I'm in love now, /pol/. No woman has ever laughed at anything I've said. What should I do?

Oh, and THumP Trump in 2020

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Damn it. Wrong board.

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You should start stalking her.

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These new Assassin's Creed games are getting a little too close to home. I get crab rangoon everytime.

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Are you there, Lain?

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pls pots on [s4s]

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yuh uh uh i got money i got money i got money
yuh uh uh i got money i got money i got money
*grabs dick*
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo

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What's the point of this board?

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A fancy esfores for rich and important people

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Shitposting with class.

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>Very important Posts
>Nobody can see them

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what do you mean?

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Peasants can see our posts but they can't respond to them, watch this.

Hey poorfags reading this, you're all gay and there's nothing you can do about it.

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no u

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best mid
best boy

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Veigar has very cute ears!

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this is an very important post, this is the strongest vampire

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No shit dude.

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Kaiki is better

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hey now thats unfair

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I'm anonymous, and I approve of this message.

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What are some savage ways to break up another couple? I promise I have good reason. Social engineering?

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>What are some savage ways to break up another couple?
Encourage their love and wait until one of them dies of sickness or old age.

I'm not really joking. Having seen my mother bury my father in her 40s after he died of cancer - about as savage as it gets. People can't handle random chance. They think it's unfair and start resenting people who have better luck. Seemingly no reason will always be more savage than anything you can engineer.

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When do you since4pass, /vip/? What is the situation where it's appropriate?

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Joined before they added both captcha and the pass, you're all plebs

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joined when f5'ing was still necessary.

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Everyone with a 2012 pass joined before then too. But you can only prove it as far back as passes go.

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Exactly, the argument goes "In 20XX I had already been here for so long, I was willing to pay". I would wager a bet that most of the early pass adopters had been here since well before 2008. I bought in at the frist (anniversary) sale, since $20 seemed a bit high for my sparce use.

Joined when being b& meant you couldn't even lurk. Which I did for almost a year before making my first post. And within a week I was promptly b& for 3 months, for helpfully replying on /r/ of all boards. It truly was a different time.

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>tfw just bought a 4chan pass instead of when I joined in 2012
Yeah, I can't use it to prove to someone I'm not newfagging

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No tricks in the options field this year?
Why the fuck not?

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we didn't get our treats, now it's time for us to roll out the tricks

I'll stop at CVS on the way to work to buy TP

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4chan is so boring now.

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I want to gift a 4chan pass to some anon. I can get his email.

Will that person know my email when I gift him said pass?

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Try using a temporary email address.

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Consult 4chan Customer Service.

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Baby maybe bokura wa
Sunshine Kiz

Baby maybe bokura wa
Sunshine KIZ!

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How do I set up the archive for 4chanX to use? It works on my work PC but not on my home PC so I assume it's just a case of pointing it to the right archive site?

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>work PC

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works automagically.

>work pc
what kind of work is that?

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Many workplaces that focus around office-related PC work have some kind of agreement that allows for minor private use of telephony and internet (that is, as long as it doesn't interfere with regular operations).
In my case, the network admins also like to browse /g/.

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Is this site trustworthy to renew my pass?

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hopefully nobody reports this 4chan-reseller to stripe hahaha would be bad hehehe right?

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I genuinely wonder what their views are

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Pretty sure they're against it seeing how it breaks rules 3 and 4. Whether or not they choose to enforce the rules and actually ban users is another matter.

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I'm using the 4chan Pass Gift system, which is a legitimate way of gifting accounts. I'm not selling accounts.

Also, I'm moving server stuff around so the site may be unavailable for the rest of the day.

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the pass itself is not supposed to be transferred or sold. no idea how to enforce that anyway.
would be rather idiotic to offer gifting passes and then ban passes using those gifts.

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What does /vip/ think of Nickelback?

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just because it became a meme to hate them 20 years ago doesnt mean they're not bad

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Not my kind of music.

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I apologize if the question is dumb. So I remember seeing 4chan pass users having the clover icon next to their posts - how do you do this?

t. pass owner

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since4pass in the options field

>> No.94130

there are like 20 threads open, search the catalog ffs

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How do I renew my pass with a credit card. I don't want this streak to end.

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find the forbidden site
I literally just did this

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just buy bitcoin you faggot

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>can add shitty halloween-crap
>can't add proper payment-methods
hiro got his priorities in order.

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So how do you like 4chan, now that your first year here is almost over?

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Do you think Sonic looks good like this?

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add eyelashes

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all me

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mine are better

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thanks for all your hard work

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