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basically yes. At least as far as I remember.

King's Field also handled it like that. Technically Arx and Underworld did the same, but you had to prepare spells by drawing or combining runes.

Currently Monomyth does a mix between KF and DS where you prepare spells at a shrine. However you don't need a catalyst (anymore) like in DS or pic related - you just cast them normally like in Arx/Underworld or Oblivion.

The whole thing dawned to me, when I realized that a large amount of spells would be utility spells like telekinesis or teleportation and that those are (mechanics-wise) nothing else than the implants in Deus Ex. So it would only make sense to build chunks of the levels around them and (at least theoretically) give every playstyle a way to activate their effects (either through casting while multiclassing, or via specific items).

Monomyth definitely drifts more towards Ultima Underworld by now, since King's Field was more Hack'n'Slash oriented. I still try keeping KF as the main inspiration for atmosphere.

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