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I hate to be a downer but you aren't going to learn assembler Cris. You can't even focus long enough to polish a basic Godoh pixelshit platformer.

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yeah I could see how you would get the two mixed up (not)

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>"clear for one then farm"
>five people get the achievement

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How do you make it less shitty anon? Oh really? By learning how to program? That's what I thought.

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Yeah I can tell you've learned a lot from this project.

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alright, to keep the conversation on point: when civilization finally falls you will be known as a creative failure, you have no talent and your attitude guarantees you'll never improve in any aspect of gamedev

you're wasting your time here, and you're not offending anyone with this "penis penis penis" level of edge

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>even nodevs are better
how would you know?

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Is your petdeck strong enough to handle full power GOAT?

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cris has many games
where is your any game???

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you been living under a rock m8?

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>linear interpolation

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I think your friends are better off without you

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>omg I'm literally shaking rn I can't even with this post

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Oh my looks like we got some insecure enginelets and mathlets in the house tonight. How's the Playmaker "coding" coming along? hahaha

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how in the fuck did you get that from his post? you are the one that comes off as an edgy teenager

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>$ony trying to shill their shit here of all places
>Mario Maker on the Switch will outsell it 10 to 1 anyway

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why so trigger?

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this is why anime girls are superior

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What are some nice hentai games?

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>thanks to a little luck
And a LOT of reloading.

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I usually roll with the shitty starts until I either die or "break on through to the other side" so to say.

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You should rename your governor to Gary Substance Abusey

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