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democracy says otherwise

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So, I have embarked on a journey of autism.

DF Wiki states the following volumes:
Human = 70000 cm^3
Dwarf = 60000 cm^3
Elf = 60000 cm^3
Ogre = 6000000cm^3

Let's try calculating the height of those, using BMI formula and assuming human bodies (and other creatures) are made mostly of water, use that as density.

This would place the weights as following:
Ogre=6000kg (Holy Shit)

Let's now look at the BMI table:
>Less than 15 Very severely underweight
>Between 15 and 16 Severely underweight
>Between 16 and 18.5 Underweight
>Between 18.5 and 25 Normal (healthy weight)
>Between 25 and 30 Overweight
>Between 30 and 35 Moderately obese
>Between 35 and 40 Severely obese
>Over 40 Very severely obese

Let's place BMI's as following (assuming Humans are inspired off vikings theyd be quite lean, and that ogres are as fat as dwarves)

Human=20 BMI (Healthy)
Dwarf=30 BMI (Moderately obese)
Elf=17 BMI (Underweight, their arms are propably like twigs anyway)

Now, let's look at the BMI formula:
BMI = weight (kg) ÷ height^2 (metres)
We have BMI and weight, and height is the only variable, naming it as h. Let's transform it.

square root(BMI/weight) = height
Let's fill in the blanks now:
Human = square root(70/20)
Dwarf = square root(60/30)
Elf = square root(70/17)
Ogre = square root(6000/30)
Calculating using these formulas, we get the following heights:

Human=1.87 metres
Dwarf=1.41 metres
Elf=1.87 metres
Ogre=14 metres (what in the fuck)

I therefore would like to conclude that Shrek, standing at 7 feet tall (2.13 metres), is a FUCKING ogrelet, and pic related proves it.

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