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I need your help. Tomorrow I have two seminars to present, one of those is about titanium, in the science of materials discipline.

Send me everything you have about titanium, please.

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Any two rationals have an irrational between them and any two irrationals have a rational between them, so the number of irrationals and number of rationals must be the same.

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So you compare DNA and mold? Mk.
DNA exists because of evolution. The Columbus story was a metaphor, it was not the point in any way.

How do you make matter from energy yourself? I think that's as close to magic as it can get

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Pathetic? Because?

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Ever heard of cyclotrons?

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Look up acid preparation and circks taught on acid.

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Yes I have, why's that?

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Is the cleaning products industry keeping this non sticky salvation from us? Has this been tried? Is the surface tension of my shit too much for that coating? Enlighten me on the why the mess I leave behind my behind can not go away on it's own and I have to scrub it with caustic substances.

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Copernicus was proven right, you were proven wrong. Retard.

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> Alfred Wegener
> Albert Einstein
> Michael Servetus
On and on. You idiotic, nigger fellating, weak-willed bootlicker.

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“I” wasn’t proven wrong and absolutely NO ONE “proved” Watson wrong. You don’t feel the need to silence people who have been “proven” wrong. Only fanatics with an agenda that crumbles when challenged do that.

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It's not an entirely untrue statement given the fact that Africans are generally of low intelligence even when put in better environments in other countries this even seems to hold true for the Africans in america as mongrelised as they are

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When has it been proven false that Africans are of low intelligence with exceptions being in the case of F1 hybrids between Africans and other racial groupings

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Of all the elements, which one would you use to make the sharpest blade? (If elements themselves are too little, then molecules or alloys.)

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Carbon or silicon. Basically anything with a crystalline cage can be made sharp.

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Two sexy black men are starting a diet with each other. Identical caloric intake, but one is doing keto and the other is eating normal foods. What happens?

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one of them will become addicted, the other will not

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>ay brotha
>wanna lose some weight?
>that's goood
>that's real goood
>ayooo, ... FUCK outta wayy
>ayyyy, gimme some space
>anyway, tidal of this email
>does Keto work
>ya man, me and my brotha made all kinds of gains on keto
>all kinds
>anyway, this is just my advice
>do whatever the FUCK you wanna do

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the health benefits of elimination diets are negligible, the only benefit is that they're easier to follow for most people, because you don't have to spend 20 minutes a day counting calories

all in all, stop eating so much fatty

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i wonder how much they lost in crypto

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The one on keto will have greasy anal leakage.

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Should i study neurobiphysics? Or is it a meme degree?

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If you want to make money, just study finance.

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I don't care about money that much I just want to find work for the degree i take and not be broke

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Why do so many mathematicians have big, ugly noses?

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I think they just happen to be mathematicians.

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purely carnal reasons

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le joose xd

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i dont know but it has nothing to do with their jewish heritage

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What are you saying? I don't follow you.

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Why didn't he just improve himself in terms of social skills/resources and his desire and competency to achieve these things?

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The movie was scripted this way, I suppose.

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Because he fell for the depression meme

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implying we live ina meritocracy.

retarded assholes who get all the best benefit because of parentpay (yes even if you dont realize) get all the good stuff

people good effort good who should be in heaven and are 100% the best objectively get 0% of the rewards

evil stupid fuckers who are useless and do 0% of good things geet 100% of the rewards always because of threat unfair utilization

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I don't see the problem.

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Whatever you say, dude.

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The equation is just not over yet, he is probably gonna put a 0.5 at the bottom

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For ideal gases the following is right...

Is it h(p, T) or am I wrong?

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Lutsch meine Eier

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Is it better to refuse to put your race on an application or to put down white?

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They’ll know you’re white by your name but you might not get filtered by algorithms

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90% of the time it doesn't matter. Just refuse.

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You are a nigger?
Just put your fucking race, nobody gives a shit about you anyways.

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Somebody’s having a bad day

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It is better to put anything besides white. Diversity hires are not a joke. Managers and academic higher ups say all the time “you have too many white people”. If you have the same resume, being colored gives you a leg up.

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What are some solutions to the twin paradox?

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>Dude the electron knows when it's being observed
Or you know...your experiment is retarded and giving retarded results.

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if there isn't some sort of accounting going on at the level of an electron how does it even respond to fields/charge?

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>tfw the electron is smarter than you

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You can't know an electron is there without interfering with it because the only way to know an electron is there is to use instrumentation that interferes with it. And it's physically impossible to see an electron without using that instrumentation. So yeah if you could magically see electrons then you probably wouldn't interfere with them, but it's not physically possible anon.

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so the electron doesnt know you are watching it...

>to use instrumentation that interferes with it
are you serious? is that all it is? what is all this schrodinger bullshit

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the thing you're complaining about is actually just another instance of a very bad way to name something, your complaint has nothing to do with the concept itself, only the word

"observation" actually means "interaction" because you can't observe something without interacting with it and though this is negligible in everyday situations, when you're dealing with objects the size of small molecules or smaller that becomes overpowering

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Previously >>11146370

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line 6 is wrong. Should be
24sin^2xcos^2x - 1 = 14sin^2 x

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The whole solutions is fucked up, learn to think.
sin^2 2x = 1 - cos^2 2x
You get a quadratic equation. Solve it.

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> >>11159332 followed by >>11159346 and finally >>11159365 [Real analysis.]
This one seems to have been answered in /mg/.

>>11151710 [Binomial theorem.]
We can interpret the standard binomial formula

as a Taylor series expansion in x (for a fixed n), which is valid even when n is not an integer.
For example, when n = -1 this becomes
1/(1+x) = 1 - x + x^2 - x^3 + ...
and you may recognize the geometric series by making the substitution .
A common application of this is in calculus, where you can rewrite the integrand as an infinite sum (ideally a polynomial in x) and integrate termwise.
The catch, of course, is that this is only valid for x when the series converges, which is why we're interested in the range.

E.g. for the geometric series example above, the range of validity is |x| < 1, which is unchanged if we substitute with -x. But if we substituted , say, this would shrink the range of validity to |100x| < 1 i.e. -10 < x < 10.

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Errata: Last line should be -1/100 < x < 1/100.
I should really proofread my stuff more often.

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Thanks anon. I tried to solve it like that the first time, but I made a mistake.

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Can somebody help me with this ?

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Noob here. I don’t even know what this puzzle is asking to solve. Is the answer supposed to be a word? A number?

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what's it for, op? give context

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Triangles are input and squares are output

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how to get into this field?

>> No.11160099

Something to do with combinations and permutations, but need some context.

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is there an app for smartphones that reads (with the camera) lcds of various measuring devices and plots the graph/saves the data so I don't need to write it down by hand?

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Yea it's called a camera

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Quoted By: >>11160224

Maybe but instead of being a bitch you could just program that shit yourself.
I fucking guarantee you there's an optical character recognition library specifically meant to read those kinds of displays that you're free to use, just get it to output what it reads as a list at some set interval

>> No.11160224

yeah thanks asshole, i know that, i was asking if it already exists so i DON'T have to program it myself

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Did the chinks just get into solar as a way of btfoing reliance on oil via the straights of Malacca or from America, especially since they may have been aware that the Amerifats are switching to shale?

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Who cares the less entangled this world is the better

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> Pic related.


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OK, Earth is flat. And?

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What is worth knowing?

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>2. The only thing that makes life worth living is your interactions with other human beings, in all respects.


>1. Life and the destruction of human civilization, for the most part, is cyclical and perfectly natural.

correct but it doesn't have to happen so fast.

>3. You are here for the purpose of growing yourself spiritually by experiencing life on Earth as a human being.


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Lonely faggot.

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Quoted By: >>11160214


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This. I pull random bs I’ve learned in random conversations everyday. Never know when a piece of info will connect you w another person.

>> No.11160214

How could one God create both viruses, prokaryotes, and eukaryotes?
This bothers me so much.

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